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Our name, Jupiter Mountain Massage, comes from the Jupiter Mountain silver mine. In its early days, Park City was a mining community. The discovery of silver brought people from all over the country to Park City and the town flourished with crowds of miners and wealth from the mines. Jupiter Mountain was one of the most famous mines and now is known as a famous peak in Park City.  It sits at the top of Park City Mountain Resort, the largest resort in the U.S. at 10,000 feet above sea level.

At Jupiter Mountain Massage, we want to help you reach your peak potential.  Just like Jupiter Peak, we constantly strive to help you reach your 10,000 feet, whatever that means for you. We believe massage should be a part of any active lifestyle. Most Park City locals are very active on the trails - skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking, biking and more.  Jupiter Mountain Massage is the locals spot to recharge and get back out to an active lifestyle.

Each client we see has a different goal in mind - whether it’s a way to de-stress during a busy time, a way to relax after the best powder day of the year, a part of your training plan for a race,  recovery technique from a recent injury, a tool in helping you reach your personal best or a way to celebrate a birthday or milestone in training. At Jupiter Mountain Massage, we start each appointment with a consultation between client and therapist to best understand your goals and what you are looking to get out of each session.  During your session, our therapists will check in on pressure, flow and techniques to make sure that you are getting the most out of your massage.

We encourage first time clients to learn more about our therapists and who might specialize in the type of massage you’re looking for.  If you have additional questions on specific techniques are are looking for help with specific injuries or goals, feel free to contact us and we’ll help to recommend someone who will best fit what you are looking for.  


Melanie Smith


Melanie is the owner of JMM and a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy and has practiced massage since graduating from UCMT in 2007. Melanie is a passionate therapist who enjoys working with all types of athletes to help them achieve both professional and recreational goals. Her specialties include sports & injury bodywork as well as relaxing Swedish massage. Melanie excels at customizing and tailoring each massage to bring about the best results for her clients.

Jeff Bramson


After getting to the end of the sales rope in my mid-twenties, I wanted a more rewarding career. At the suggestion of several girlfriends, I started my massage career in 1991 at one of the top rated schools in the country, Chicago School of Massage Therapy. I was naturally drawn to injury therapy, and found I had a knack for recognizing patterns in different presentations of injuries, and in tracing those injuries back to their origins. I left Chicago in '93 to begin my travels, living in St Thomas, USVI, San Francisco, and finally chasing my brothers to this little ski town called Park City in 1997, where I planned to stay for only 2 years and then continue on. I met the two most influential people in my life in those first couple of years, and it changed everything. The first was my lovely wife Jen of 20 years, who gave me my two kids Annie and Sam, now 18 and 16. The second was a chiropractor.

This chiropractor told me a injury I had suffered from my whole life was related to my first rib, which was partially true but not the whole picture. I received frequent treatments from him, but never achieved any permanent relief, as he did not include soft tissue work in the process. I proceeded to continue seeking answers over the next 20 years, compiling data not just from my experiences receiving various treatments from the area's top professionals, but from all my clients' injuries as well. Working for 8 of those years in the spa at St Regis led me to create a more gentle technique to be effective but not leave my clients more sore than they came in.

The end result was the creation of a new and innovative technique, Transformative Deep Tissue, which utilizes another creation of mine called Neuro-Chemical Muscular Hypnosis to "melt" the tissue instead of pummeling it into submission. This exclusive work "transforms" old injuries, and the holding patterns they create in the body, back into the healthy tissues they were designed to be. Designed to work in conjunction with the right kind of specialized chiropractic adjustments and top-level Cranio-Sacral massage practitioners, These new techniques rapidly move the body towards more permanent resolution of nagging injuries, and restoration of optimal health. I'm looking forward to providing these services exclusively at Jupiter Mountain Massage!

Deb Cohen


I am a Licensed Massage Therapise, Certified Acupressurist, and Doula. I have been working in the healthcare field for 30 years. I am a licensed massage therapist in Utah, California and Minnesota. I am also also a certified nutritionist consultant and Birth Doula.

There is a special place in my heart for helping people with life-threatening illness. I have volunteered thousands of working hours with clients at The Aliveness Project and at Pathways and Hospice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Aliveness project is community center for and driven by people living with HIV. Pathways is home health and hospice for people with varying degrees of health challenges.

My experience helping others, has taught me patience. The work I do at Jupiter Mountain Massage often requires patience. An injury might not be treated in one session or with one type of therapy. Just as what we do in our active lives requires different strategy, patience and attention, I believe massage requires the same approach.

I have been trained in a wide variety of therapies including deep tissue, Swedish, sports/rehab, reflexology, shiatsu, cranial sacral, acupressure and cupping.

All of my sessions are customized to fit the individual needs of my clients after a discussion on what a client is looking to get out of treatment. Bodywork is my art form and I am grateful to all my clients for the honor of facilitating their healing and wellness journey.



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